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The video clips in this section have aired on US or International Television.


Stargate Collection contains some of the extensive TV coverage that resulted in the declassification of the formerly SECRET, US Government-sponsored program. These include the ABC Nightline show that appeared on 28 November 1995 and the trailer shown on the ABC Good Monring America show in that morning.

Presetnations and Experiments.

Precognition Exampleof anomalous cognition.


Put to the Test aired on the American Broadcasting Company in 1995. It shows an on-camera valid remote viewing trial with Mr. Joseph W. McMoneagle that was the first in a long series of public demonstrations of remote viewing.

A short piece on prestimulus skin conductance response to acoustic stimuli appeared on the Discovery Channel Canada in 2004.

The STARGATE program worked for US local law enforcement. In the 1990's this US Customs Department case appeard on a US-based news progrm.  

The National Geographic Channel filmed a remote viewing in our laboratory, the protocol of which was tighter than any other public presentation. It aired in February, 2005 as part of the series Naked Science--a program on telepathy. While our segment and some others were examples of excellent science, the editing and editorial perspective was an example of institutional a priori bias against the phenomenon--a clear betrayal of good science. The clip here has been edited to show our part of that program.


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