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About Us

The Laboratories for Fundamental Research is multi-disciplinary in its outlook. We are willing to research any topic with the clear understanding that we rigorously follow the protocols and analyses techniques of modern science.

For example, we study anomalous cognition, which we define as an atypical perceptual ability that allows the acquisition and cognition of non-inferential information arising from a point in space-time that is blocked from the usual sensory systems by shielding, distance or time.

Mission Statment

The mission of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research is three-fold. That is, to use the tools of modern behavioral, physiological, and physical sciences to:

  • Determine which psi phenomena can be validated under strict laboratory conditions.

  • Understand the mechanisms behind these phenomena.

  • Examine the degree to which they might contribute to practical applications.


The laboratory is a center for interdisciplinary research devoted to understanding a wide range of human experience. In addition to exploring psi phenomena, the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory's charter extends to allied fields such as consciousness research, cognitive neuroscience, perception, physiology, psychology and physics.

  • Edwin C. May, Ph.D. (Physics) -- Founder Director

  • Sonali Bhatt Marwaha, Ph.D. (Psychology) -- Research Associate, India

  • Elizabeth Bergen-Bartel, Research Associate, Japan

  • Consultants:

    • Richard S. Broughton, Ph.D. (Psychology) -- (England)​

    • Angela D. Ford -- (Maryland, US)

    • Nevin D. Lantz -- (California, US)

    • Joseph W. McMoneagle -- (Virginia, US)

    • Dava Nasr -- (New York US)

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